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Subway Surfers

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Have you ever played a game that is fun but you couldn’t get enough of it? Subway surfers is such an endless runner video game. Subway surfers is the most downloaded game of the decade.

subway surfers


The game is woven around Jake, who is a young graffiti artist. Players have to take the role of Jake and continue the game. The game starts when Jake gets caught applying graffiti to a metro run away site. And he gets chased by a policeman and a dog, which compelled him to run faster. On the way, he has to grab gold coins, boosters, and other items while trying not to collide with trains. The players are equipped with hoverboards to evade capture, and they can even jump from trains. You have to run till you get caught by the policeman or get hit by a train. This game is so addictive and fun, which makes the players play it regularly.

Tutuapp Latest Version Download Free

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But if you want to get more faster hoverboards and purchase boosters, you need to have a wide collection of gold coins. This is difficult at some points because when the player progresses along with the game, they will have to face many obstacles which can lead to game over. In this type of scenario, you need more keys to revive yourself and more coins to purchase boosters and overboard. What if I tell you, there is a way to get unlimited keys and gold coins? Subway surfers Fix in tutuapp, helps you to get all the features for free. So that you can progress in the game without the fear of collision. And you can become a top player in the scoreboard.

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Game features

  1. Combo pack of boosters

There is a plethora of boosters such as score multipliers, super sneakers, jetpacks, magnets, mystery boxes, and power jumpers. In Subway surfers fix, you can get unlimited boosters.

  1. Gold coins and keys

Gold coins and keys are essential for unlocking new items and reviving in the game. You can get unlimited coins and keys from Subway Surfers. And you can progress in the game without fearing a collision or getting captured by the policeman.

  1. Interesting in-game characters

When you only play the character of Jake, you can get bored easily. So the original version of Subway surfers offers you 18 in-game characters that can be unlocked by using coins or keys. But in Subway surfers, you have all these characters unlocked for free.  And you can own their clothes.

  1. Have a thrilling adventure on hoverboards

There are 17 hoverboards in the game. You can get these hoverboards unlocked for free. So, you can enjoy maximum adventures on board.


Admit it! Subway surfers is the most played game on mobile phones. It is already addictive. Imagine how it will become more addictive with the help of Tutuapp. With the help of unlimited coins, keys, and boosters, and unlocked characters and hoverboards, you can finish the game as a piece of cake. And you can set new records in the scoreboard. Surf in Tutuapp and Download Subway Surfers MOD to experience a new kind of adventure.

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