Tinker Island – Survival Story Adventure

Tinker Island – Survival Story Adventure
tinker island

Experience the adventurous life in a lost island thanks to this novel game Tinker Island. The players would be exposed to an island filled with lot of secrets and adventures, where the players have to be a survivor in this tropical island. The life in this lost paradise would teach the learners to be good crafters and would learn foraging.

Tinker island is a game filled with adventure and romance at one place. The players need to solve riddles while they move on with the game.

Game Features

  • Be the leaders of a troupe of island survivors using simple swipes.
  • The players can choose the adventure based on their own preferences.
  • Investigate an immense lush world.
  • Encounter a talking island.
  • Combat against all the evils and dangers that are hidden behind every bush.
  • Go in search of resources in order to ensure your survival.
  • Construct the base and upgrade structures.
  • Gather flowers, match things, and stack in a fun mini-game.
  • Design weapons and tools necessary for the survival of the island life.
  • Find a matching storyline.
  • Unveil the mysterious secret of Tinker Island.

Tinker Island Download Free From Tutuapp

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Three survivors who forcefully throw to this mysterious island due to a shipwreck would take on the path of surviving all the dangers that they encounter in this tropical deserted island. The players would encounter a lot of treasures, resources, and many more things which would make them stronger against the dangers that they have to undergo throughout the island life. The players end up being a fighter, a forager, a real hero in this adventurous game. The players would discover ancient buildings, civilizations, and the leftovers of the ancient buildings.

The players would uncover the secrets and would craft their needy weapons and tools and would involve in the process of unveiling all the secrets of this hidden island. They can upgrade all the buildings while collecting the necessary resources, unlocking the paths to the hidden areas on the island while unveiling the mysteries hidden in them. Hence they would be able to build a colony of themselves and be the leader in the no Wi-Fi island and be your own strength. Enjoy the real adventures while getting your hands on this amazing game with an awesome experience.

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