Choices stories

Choices stories

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Everyone is different and that is what makes our world interesting. We make choices daily. But are you depressed about the choices you made? Or are you happy about the choices you made? Whether we choose right or wrong choices, lives have to go on. What if you can put your choices into a test? It will be interesting to determine your choices. Choices: Stories you play is such an app in Tutuapp where you can put your choices into a test. Choices: Stories you play is developed by PixeBerry for people who love to engage in fantasies and revive their favorite moments in life like moments in the college.


Romantic, horror, drama, you name it and Choices app got everything you need. One choice can change the whole storyline. It has a large collection of stories that can be played by both teens and adults. This game offers a platform in which you can beautify yourself from head to toe based on different situations. You can show off your creative side and sense of fashion as well as enjoy a rollercoaster of life filled with adventures, parties and many more. Make friends, relive the moments in the college, flirt with the people you adore, and you are free to do whatever your heart desire. This is a virtual platform and your choices are not judged by anyone.

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The features of Choices: stories you play Fixed

Choices Stories

What is in the Fixed –  Free Premium Choices

Be the protagonist of every story

Give yourself a total makeover from head to toe based on various situations. Be a fashion idol for other characters in the storyline. And create a unique storyline.

A wide range of genres

Enjoy romantic, horror, comedy, and many more stories you want. Solve mysteries, enjoy adventures, and find the ideal partner you want and take the romance into a whole new level.

Unique survival kits

Every player gets diamonds and keys as their source to survive in the game. The MOD version of Choices: the stories you play that is in Tutu app offers you unlimited diamonds and keys. So, the players don’t have to worry about continuing the story further. Other than the above features this app has daily updates with new stories, so you don’t have to wait.

Some exciting storylines and Plots

The library of this app contains a massive collection of plots. Listed below are some popular narratives that are loved by millions of players.

Perfect match

you can sign in with a matchmaking agency and find the best match for you to continue your romance. You be either a girl or a boy in the story and you can customize you.

The freshman

become a student in the Hartfeld university, make friends, and find your high school sweetheart. You can date either the bookworm James, party girl Katelyn or football champ Chris, or you can date three of them at the same time. The choice is yours!

The crown and the Flame

save your crown from the enemies. The enemies have conquered your kingdom and now you have to form an army, master different weapons and defeat the enemies in a battle.


Choices: the stories you play which is available in Tutuapp is not an ordinary game. It is a unique game filled with a unique set of plots. The story depends on the choices you make. Experience the real like virtual fantasy of making choices and living and reliving some favorite moments in your life. And The choice: stories you play app in the Tutuapp provides you free premium choice, unlike the app in other official stores. Make a choice to download the this game stories you play from Tutuapp and enjoy small moments in life virtually.

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