Last day on earth survival

Last day on earth survival

Download Last Day on Earth Survival latest version free

What if you are amidst of an apocalypse? What if you have to struggle to save your life? Some may find it exciting and adventurous, while some may not. But if these characteristics are embedded in a game, I don’t think anyone would resist. The last day on Earth Survival is a game that will take you on a journey in a post-apocalyptic world. This game is a survival game where you can have a little bit of adventure and action.

Last Day on Earth Survival

This game play is set up in the year 2027, where all the people are dying due to an infection outbreak in the world. The more thrilling part of this story is the people who have died turn into zombies. The whole world is threatened to be a zombie land. But you have got amazing powers to save yourself and save other people. Your ultimate power is your blood that has resistance to prevent the infection. You can get a chance to become the hero of the whole mankind. You have to pay attention to important characteristics like weapons, hunger, thirst, and availability for the resources. You have the freedom to create or upgrade your hero and be a little bit vulgar by looting the abandoned territories and wild animals.

Tutuapp Latest Version Download

Tutuapp download

Reasons to download this app with Tutuapp

You can have unlimited gold coins, building material, and skill points. In The game that is in the official Applications stores, the people have to wait till they collect sufficient gold coins to precede the game. But Tutuapp provides unlimited gold coins and many more to proceed without pausing the game. In simple terms, you can upgrade yourself without waiting.

Last Day on Earth Survival Gameplay

Download Last Day on Earth from Tutuapp

  1. Download Tutuapp from any browser you use
  2. You have to go into settings > unknown sources and trust the app
  3. Now you can run the app.
  4. Then search for Last Day on Earth and download.
  5. Enjoy playing this amazing modern-day survival game on your smartphone.

New update

The last day on earth survival is a modern-day adventure game that gives the audience a taste of a thrilling adventure and action. The latest version of it in season 8 where you will have many more new adventures than previous seasons and levels. For instance,


Join to celebrate 3 years of surviving in a zombie apocalypse with in-game characters. Enjoy activities like turkey races, survivor fighting club, and many more.


If you are a real gamer accept the challenge and take part in a tournament and earn points.


Earn reputation by taking part in the activities at the Fair. When your reputation increases, your rewards will increase eventually.

MOD –Unlimited Gold Coins, Unlimited Building Materials, Unlimited Skill Points – Rising instead of decreasing, Maximum Durability


The last day on earth survival is one of the nerve-wracking adventures of the century. Rise as a hero in the ruins of the world. Save the people from zombie attacks. Collect all the equipment you want to save the world and build yourself an unbeatable army. Download this game today and you won’t regret it because this game play is addictive and rich with awesome graphics. Hurry! Be a hero in your cyberspace.

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