Life is strange

Life is strange

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Do you love action and adventures? Are you love being adventurous but don’t have time to be adventurous? What if, you can experience heart-throbbing experiences virtually? The game Life is strange offers you a platform where you can experience thrilling adventures in a virtual platform. ‘Life is Strange’ is a top-notch episodic adventure video game developed by Dontnod Entertainment.

Life is Strange

This game is woven around Max Caulfield, an 18-year-old photography student who suddenly discovers that she can rewind the time and change the course of events. With the help of Max, you will be able to travel back and forth from present to past, past to present, and present to the future in a matter of a second. The players can add their magical touch to the plot and make adjustments while they are allowed to travel back in time. Max is not alone in the adventures; she has the assistance of her friends Chloe Price. And together they solve mysteries woven around their friend Rachel Amber. The players can fetch quests and make environmental changes that are presented in the form of puzzle-solving. And you can use branching choices for conversation. In simple terms, you can build your conversation in the game.

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Reasons to download Life is Strange Game

You can experience an exciting modern-day game with a combination of supernatural elements.

You can have alternative endings or even multiple endings based on the choices you make.

You can rewind the time and change the course of events.

You can witness beautiful hand-painted visuals.

life is strange 2

In addition to that, you can share your progress in the game with your friends on social media. You can see how your friends have progressed in the game and you can compare your choices with your friends. This app has a brand-new feature that allows you to take photos of your exciting journey in the game. And, you can modify those photos with different filters and you can easily share them.

Summary of episodes

This game consists of 5 episodes that will take you on a journey filled with adventure and supernatural elements.

Episode 1: Chrysalis

This episode dates back to October 7th where Max discovers that she can rewind time.  

Episode 2: Out of time

This episode uncovers how Max tries to analyze her power to rewind time. Max and Chloe put Max’s rewind power to test.

Episode 3: Chaos theory

Max discovers another hidden ability. In a joint operation to find about Rachel’s disappearance Max and Chloe break into Blackwell academy where they dive into Rachel’s secrets.

Episode 4: Darkroom

The duo discovers the Darkroom and some clues about Rachel where they confront the real culprit. Most importantly, Max discovers the deadly consequences of her abilities and changes the timeline back to normal.

Episode 5: Polarized

Trapped in the darkroom, Max needs a way to escape and save Chloe. The last episode is filled with suspense and action. Find out what happens to Max and Chloe at the end.

What is in the Fixed – Full Version?

Sum up

This is a unique game with supernatural elements. The ending of the game is solely based on the choices you make. Rewind the time and save the people from falling into unfortunate consequences.

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